A name often given to a white child by his parents. With a name like Eric, his parents are more concerned about how well he does in school rather than how much action he gets. Eric is rarely referred to anyone but a nerd, but there are few exceptions where he is so intelligent that he also excells in sports. Eric is usually the cool kid in the group.
Eric is good at everything. He's so smart and he's going to play varsity basketball someday. I wish i were Eric.
by Eric Perkins May 24, 2006
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Eric is a pastor who believes in #godsplan. He’s constantly singing and it often causes serious hearing problems to those within earshot.
Cover you ears here comes pastor Eric again.
by Pussycat😋 March 26, 2019
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everything amazing thing someone could possible think of.

cute smart sexy funny hot.

when he smiles he has dimples and every time he comes into the same room as you, you instantly get butterflies. Good kisser ;)
by Glustick August 21, 2011
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The most amazing guy in the world. He's the type of guy that can be weird at times, and isn't afraid to tell you how he really feels about you(: He can make your heart skip a beat and has the most gorgeous features and will try to call you every night just to say goodnight<3 He's usually always happy but when someone messes with his girl shit goes down. I love you so much<333 Happy 19 months baby(: -Marissa.
Eric: I thought I'd just call you and tell you I love you soo much and without you I'd be lost<3
Me: Awwh I love you too and I don't know what I'd do without you either<3
by Marissa:DD June 18, 2011
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Trustworthy but almost has two sides. A sweet, sensitive, kind and compassionate person that looks hard on the outside but is a softy on the inside. Generally sweet, but be careful.
Eric looks big and scary, but really is a sweet sensitive and kind individual.
by CaliGirl07 December 25, 2011
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