EC, which stands for East Cleveland, Ohio, is a ghetto ass, corrupt city on the East Side of Cleveland. In EC, every other house is abandoned, and some are literally falling down. Crime is out of control, and the city is too broke to hire more police. There are few bright spots in EC. There's no reason to go to EC unless you're looking for drugs, prostitutes, or some other illicit activity. It was the first city in the US to install automated traffic cameras, but because of corrupt deal-making, very little of the money from tickets actually makes it to the police. It's the former home to Gilded Age millionaires such as John D. Rockefeller.
The saddest thing about EC is that it was once a really nice city, but now it's just a god-forsaken hell hole.

Note: there is a very small part of EC that is still nice, it's called Forest Hills, and it's a neighborhood planned and designed by John D. Rockefeller's son in the early 1920s to be an idyllic upper class community.
by Cleverfield July 03, 2013
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Term to describe "ego correct" or the state of having personality matching the needs and wants of another person.
Tonya: James is so EC.
Erin: He seems like a player.
Tonya: He treats me like a woman.
Erin: If he makes your feel special, then, hes good.
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011
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Ethyl Chloride a topical anesthetic usually used in minor surgeries, it can be easily abused just like every other drug.
Gimme some fuckn Ec' - gimme some Percocets
I need me some four bar, so I can break down
Cause a nigga like me 'finna take it to funky town

from Oxycontin by Lil wyte

You got anything good for sale?
Nah bro just some ec.
That'll do just fine.
by peteH September 27, 2006
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a East Coast playa is someone who not only owns a Ferrari but is a team playa as well. all EC must live on the East Coast (primarily NY Tri-state area). an EC never turns down a wing-man job if needed!
All weak coast suckas want to be like EC.
by EC playaz August 19, 2004
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