A guy what takes his time, favourite of Mae West and many other women
"I want a man with a slowhand
I want a lover with an easy touch
I want somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I want somebody who will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slowhand"
-The Pointer Sisters
by Pinball King March 12, 2023
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To have been banned from a message board and have had any and all evidence of your existence on that board removed permanently, usually done without warning, notification, or explanation. Origins: from the bbs handle of a customer of Nebraska football message board (slowhand) who was one the first recipients of such action on that board, soon to be followed my many other customers of that board who began to use the term "slowhanded" to describe the action
Because the site administrator didn't like fans who could actually make a cogent argument, he was slowhanded.
by screwthetroll January 13, 2006
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When you grab your girl's back of the head and make her blow you slowly.Moving your hand slowly up and down .Defining the phrase "slowhand".
My girl would not swallow but she is into a frequent slowhand.
by JEFF BUCK October 16, 2007
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