Another term for blow job, "bj"
Mary was still a virgin and wasn't ready for sex, so she gave him a baby jesus.
by Pilot K October 14, 2013
somebody: you lying
me: on baby jesus i aint lyin
ian trippin on baby jesus
on baby jesus yhu mad weird 🥱💯.
by Ty💀 September 19, 2020
A term used to describe the divinity of Joe Mauer, the greatest baseball player, Minnesota Twin, and Minnesotan to ever grace this land.
Baby Jesus is really good at baseball, he bats .900.
by Punto4President April 14, 2010
Ashley:"Oh my gosh she has one serious baby jesus!"
Sammy: "Oh Baby Jesus!"

by Ashsam February 27, 2009
bestest rapper in the goddamned universe.
Bib baby jesus postulates, "if a pussy could talk, what would you ask it?"
by Big Baby Jesus April 29, 2005