Early English term for "before" or "previous to."
You better catch those papers ere they fall and scatter on the floor...
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 28, 2005
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Tex mex slang word from a small town in West Texas named Big Spring..Pronounce with a slight roll of the "r". Usually means "yeah right".."you're full of shit" Or at the end of one's sentence or story to stress the exaggeration of it.
1) Pedro: Recuerdo a esa masota Lisa? I hooked up with her ese.

Tom: Ere boboso! Haha!

Pedro: No for the reals!

2) Hey man I when I get my cheque, I'm gonna get some rims and hydros.. I'll be cruising at the park getting all the chics...Ere! haha
by Loco3x January 04, 2011
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A white male in most cases with a huge cock but a huger heart and is very good at cuddles also very fuckable, and often smells and tastes like vanilla.
Damn I want to go out with an Ere.
by ifartinmysleep42069 May 31, 2020
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A weird person but can be cute sometimes
Person: look at ere he/she is so weird

Other person: but they are fine asl🥺
by That bitchh June 03, 2020
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Interjection. A mix of the words 'error' and 'uh oh' Coined by Sarah Peterson of Seven Lakes High School. Pronounced ur-ur
Computer: Self destruct in 5 minutes.
Student: Er-Er...
by Terrarron October 25, 2010
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A covert reference to sexual activity, particularly in response to a non-sexual statement. Literally, the squeaking of a bed during sexual intercourse.
Gloria: Lisa, would you like help trimming that bush?
Kevin: Er-er.
Gloria: Huh?
by Mike December 26, 2004
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A commonly used filler word, to make up for the gaps in conversation. Tends to annoy the shit out of people for its overuse, and indicates that the user doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.
Reporter: "You claimed that when you receive backlash, you should, quote, 'dab on them haters'. What do you propose should be done if the haters dab back?"
Jake Paul: "Er...well...er...that's an overused meme...er...WHAT ARE THOSE?!" *Flees the scene with his gang of fuckboys*
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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