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Early English term for "before" or "previous to."
You better catch those papers ere they fall and scatter on the floor...
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 28, 2005
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What is said to alert a fellow smoker that the joint is headed in their direction. Always said without exhaling the hit you just puffed back.
"dude, 'ere..."
by LeRoy December 05, 2003
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(friend) where are you mate?

(you) im ere

(friend) oh rite be with you in a minute
by nitro134 August 25, 2006
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word to say when you have nothing to say at all, being pestered by some a-hole on aim just toss a couple of ere ere's his way and he will back off.
<Some Jackass> So when are we gonna hang out?
<You> ere ere
<Some Jackass> Make love to me......
by Shadizzy January 13, 2003
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This one single word can actually mean "excuse me" or "can you help me for a minute" this one shortened word "ere" can mean a full question.
ere (person in questions name) can you please show me how to put a job on the system?
by Alex2011connell July 19, 2011
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antiquated form of "before" or "sooner than"
LADY MACBETH: Fie, for shame!
MACBETH. Blood hath been shed ere now, i' the olden time, Ere human statute purged the gentle weal (...)
by urbandict December 18, 2007
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Tex mex slang word from a small town in West Texas named Big Spring..Pronounce with a slight roll of the "r". Usually means "yeah right".."you're full of shit" Or at the end of one's sentence or story to stress the exaggeration of it.
1) Pedro: Recuerdo a esa masota Lisa? I hooked up with her ese.

Tom: Ere boboso! Haha!

Pedro: No for the reals!

2) Hey man I when I get my cheque, I'm gonna get some rims and hydros.. I'll be cruising at the park getting all the chics...Ere! haha
by Loco3x January 04, 2011
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