A white male in most cases with a huge cock but a huger heart and is very good at cuddles also very fuckable, and often smells and tastes like vanilla.
Damn I want to go out with an Ere.
by ifartinmysleep42069 May 31, 2020
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The name Eres is a Welsh baby name.In Welsh the meaning of the name Eres is: Wonderful and/or beautiful. Eres is a girl with a nice personality and eyes that will light up your entire world. Her hair is usually brown with some sort of highlights. You will never meet anyone like her.
Eres is such a beautiful girl and is so funny. Eres' eyes light up my world.
by Wasgoodmofos November 05, 2018
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A really loud and annoying bitch who somehow has friends. Low self esteem but place rightly.
Did you see Eres yesterday? They were so weird.
by A non-binary alien October 24, 2019
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A weird person but can be cute sometimes
Person: look at ere he/she is so weird

Other person: but they are fine asl🥺
by That bitchh June 03, 2020
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-An ugly tall, gangly, girl who resembles Jar Jar Binks and has a lip that hangs. She also dances very strangely and is too nice.

-A new age code word for shoplifting at Wal-mart or Bookstores.
-Ere is so fucking annoying.

-Let's go ere some pink grapefruit body wash at walmart!!
by rweiop December 24, 2008
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she is one of those girls who is always partying with friends or not. she is a sociable girl but annoying at some point. she loves dancing but cry a lot. don’t let her go to your party cause she might stay at your place for a moment.
Have you seen Ères? She keeps dancing for now two hours!
by 8960 June 04, 2020
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