the Amish term for "non-Amish," without reference to actual English ancestry or language
Amish people isolate themselves from the "English," the rest of the world.
by The Wadinator January 27, 2008
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A language of German, French, Latin, Nordic and Celtic descent.
by Si September 17, 2003
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Race of German barbarians who historically wade in the blood of Scots, Irish, Welsh, and loads of other innocent peoples; and are the people who run Britain. English have a history if bleeding other peoples dry for their labor and natural resources.

Very cunning, two-faced People. They are very polite to the face, and talk very nastily behind your back; unless they are drunk in a pub;- in which case they will start singing racist songs. There are two types of English people. One class is very very intelligent and capable, the other class is fairly stupid and capable of getting manipulated by the cleverer class. But as a combination they are very efficient.

English people are very hard-working people, and dislike lazy south asians and wogs very much. Pretty soon there won't be an English race, because the Pakis will soon out-breed them, and the blacks, who are prefered by the English lasses for their longer dicks and coolness, will soon finish their easy automatic mission of mongrelizing the English race.

Never go into an English pub, the local English buggers get very nasty once they are drunk - as compensation for their false politeness when they are sober. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Some favorite English pub songs are:-

"Nigger nigger nigger, what you had for dinner, you are a black beggar sinner, you are never ever a winner"

And the better known BNP pub anthem:-

"Paki go home...."
by Irish Superman April 13, 2007
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1. A people whose main form of crime is drive-by arguments, and police officers with funny hats who cudgel hobos. They are arrogant and annoying bastards.
2. The most prevalant language in todays world, and the cause of a lot of problems i.e when native american children who beaten unless they spoke it. English is a bastardized form of Latin. But even though it is evil, you should still respect it as a language, and stop using it like the morons on Neopets!
omgzzzzzzzzzz did u no dat i cud beet ne1 in a gam of ches. That is a form of bastardized English. Translation: *Lot's of inthusiasm* Did you know that I could beat anyone in a game of Chess? If you wish to see more of Bastardized English, go to the chat boards of www.neopets.com.
by Karl Marx December 19, 2004
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Once the primary language of the United States. The primary language is now TxtTalk.
Guy 1: Hi, do you speak English?

Guy : Wth is English dued
by bat_hero October 19, 2009
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The (not uptight part of the) English culture is one of the Three Best Cultures, which are the Flemish culture, the Scottish culture and this one.
One thing I like about England and the English culture is that you'd run into a different dialect when driving just a short distance.
by LA-Z-BOY June 17, 2006
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1.A major Germanic language spoken by by from England, America, Canada,Some carribean countries, parts of south America. It is the most widely spoken germlang in the world and the most popular of the indo European. As a Germanic language it's rules where pretty simple. The language slowly began to lose major features such as gender,and case and conjunctions.
After the defeats to the Norman franks in 1066 The English language began adopting words from the French, with the adoption of words it also adopted a few peculiarities including unnecessary double constants eg.In the word unnecessary, Silent letters, Spelling unnecessary endings that are not pronounced eg. Boutique. Some of these are admirably due to sound changes, but the spellings remained the same due to French culture of formality.Spelling peculiarities grew worst when English decided to adopt words from other languages without changing their spelling. 16th and 17th century was filled with combining Latin and Greek words to sound more technical than each other so words the Technosophy people by like What's that? adopting words like Czech, Ocean,etc. Spelling no longer matches pronunciation. Most native speakers are unaware just how much they differ.
2.Refer to people of England, Settlers of the Anglo-Saxon tribe.
Derived from:
The word is derived from the Old Germanic word meaning corner.

Other Derived words:
(All relating to corner)
People speak a language called English
via giphy
by Roybook August 26, 2017
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