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Best damn movie I've ever seen. Michael Moore is a genius. I don't care what people say about him. He is bringing the facts to everyone. Bush is a lying bastard that started a war for oil profits. BURN BUSH!
Michael Moore is my best friend!
by Karl Marx October 24, 2004

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The largest, most successful virtual pet website on the internet. If you are going to go to neopets, be prepared to be bombarded by Capitalism, and idiocy. If you choose to wander into their chat boards heed this warning. Your eyes may be bleed at the horrible illiteracy displayed on this site. If you are an anglophile, then you will most certainly die.
Nothing can prepare you for the horror of the example I will soon type.


This is your final WARNING!

boyz n gurlz chat!
dos n e 1 no how to get a paintbrush
lolzzzzzzzz i hav a bf at skool. i luv boyz. my boi friend is sooooo hot-neopets user.
by Karl Marx November 03, 2004

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A holiday supposedly celebrating the birth of Jesus Chirst, man who meant well but now is the cause of all the problems in the world because people missinterpretted him. But I digress, Chirstmas has been bastardized by Capitalists in the western society. It is nothing more than a holiday based on commercial greed.
Billy:"My teacher says that if I'm good Santa will give me presents!"
Some guy who knows what he is talking about: Well little Billy, your teacher is a lying fuck face. Christmas is nothing but an excuse for capitalists to get money. Capitalists are evil bastards. They shall all die.
by Karl Marx October 26, 2004

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Devotion to material wealth (tangible objects) It is also a philosophy that states that all things, will eventually be explained by physical properties. Most Westerners are materialists. Which means they are bastards who crave material wealth and will go to no end to get more. See Capitalism Materialism will be the downfall of society.
|=|_|(|{ j00, you westerner, materialist bastard.
by Karl Marx October 14, 2004

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1)See Star Wars
2)See Gulf War 2
An act of enterprising. In other words, going from place to place, shoving your evil capitalist beliefs down everyones throats, then raiding the countries natural resources and leaving the country with 'freedom' Often used in the sentences with other words, like George Bush, Capitalism, OMFG Bush is a bastard and, WTF is americas problem?! Oil is the number 1 cause of imperialism.
OMFG, George Bush is such a fucked up imperialist/capitalist bastard, WTF is americas problem? SIMPLE! GEORGE BUSH!
by Karl Marx October 14, 2004

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What George Bush did to the election in 2000 and 2004
Damn mother fucka, we gots another 4 years under this brother suppressor.
by Karl Marx November 04, 2004

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Former Canadian Prime Minister (That means leader of the country for you Americans) and the only guy with the balls to not support Prejudice Bush. He was a fine leader who kept getting re-elected because Canada is full of Liberals(I love this country) He retired because, well I don't no why, and left an asshole in charge. Paul Martin fucked up big. Oh and his speech is off because half of his face is paralyzed.
Fuck you Paul Martin!
by Karl Marx October 26, 2004

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