a girl who is very pretty even though she does not know it. she smart and she can do the work but thinks she might need help so reminder that she is smarter than she thinks.she is filled with confedence, this girl is one of a kind. don't mess with her because a girl like Erin has friends that love and protect. this girl is very very strong.
erin is girl evryone wants
by hailey medina March 22, 2015
There is no one on this great planet that could compare to the ethereal being that is Erin. Erin encompasses all that is good upon this great earth. Erin is loving and kind, patient and caring. Erin often puts the needs of others before her own and will sacrifice her own happiness for the greater good. Erin is loyal and faithful and true to her word. Erin is extremely intelligent but will not boast or brag. She gives if herself freely and always helps those in need, even if she herself is struggling. Erin loves unconditionally and will never judge. Erin is an angel from heaven.
I am forever grateful to have Erin in my life!
by Itsabouttimeyouwakeup October 28, 2017
Erin is an amazing and beautiful girl who may seem shy and awkward at first but is very nice, understanding, trustworthy, supportive and a great friend. She'll always be there to listen and will always be there to support you.
Guy: Hey, who's that?
Guy 2: Oh that's Erin. She's amazing and adorable.
by optaki January 14, 2012
You Erin are a marvelous and mysterious creation that God or whoever created us took time and consideration bcoz they knew what ever they thru at u u can be a strong powerful woman who likes who she likes has no labels and is loved by those who admire her beauty and integrity
Erin is my inspiration and a beautiful gal
by StarWars_g33kfreak April 11, 2017
A wonderful, beautiful creature ascended from heaven above. So gorgeous all of her friends get jealous, and end up imitating her. The body of a goddess, the brains of Einstein, and the heart of a golden retriever. Witty and creative, this girl can easily score a ten. She can cook and has a healthy appetite, she is a free spirit, and super popular. Guys love her, but she is in no means a slut. Absolutely Perfect:)
Boy 1: Did you see that girl over there?
Boy 2: Who? The smoking hot one?
Boy 1: Yeah, she'a a total Erin
by Youthinkyougotgame? July 4, 2012
Erin the is awesomest human being to walk on Earth. Erin always has brown hair and eyes that change colour. Erin is awesome. If you meet an Erin you should praise her.
Boy: "I like Erin"
Other Boy: "Me too"
by You're Mother In Law April 10, 2017
The most kindest girl you could ever meet. Always gives but will never take. Not a hoe or a slut. Does not do drugs, smoke, or is an alcoholic. Very pretty but will never admit it even though everyone tells her. When she laughs her face get all red and she looks like a cute tomato. Has the brain of Einstein and always helps everyone out. Will always just sit and listen to you vent and give you advice.
The most giving girl/woman you shall ever know

Dude 1 “ What are we supposed to be doing??? I don’t understand.”
Dude 2 “ I don’t know. Just ask Erin. She understands everything.”
by Browneyes2005 November 22, 2017