A hardware that permits PCs to mimic gaming console systems for games to be played on. There are many reasons for emulation. Firstly, it is worth investing in emulation to combat against greedy gaming publishers, who want to scam people with micro-transactions, overpriced retro and modern games, DLC, seasonal passes, pre-order bonuses, lack of content, etc. Secondly, gamers pirate games online because they are either poor or games are becoming too expensive in the market, similar to rip-off textbooks that costs about 1000 bucks in American universities and a lot of college students pirate textbooks for free in PDF form to reduce student debt. Thirdly, gaming publishers get careless when they throw away the gaming source code like what they did with the first 3 Crash games and they will only put a handful of retro games on their consoles to prevent gamers from playing any chosen games. To conclude this, emulation makes the gaming world less garbage, to cut down on runaway capitalism, to maintain creativity, and to cut down on corporate slavery.
Without video gaming emulation, retro games would have been lost forever. Gaming discs and cartridges can break down easily over time eventually, so you can't play your favorite Halo: Combat Evolved on the Xbox 360 or Chrono Trigger on the SNES when discs and cartridges freeze constantly. Besides, ROM games online can be downloaded/copied and deleted for unlimited number of times. Even if Nintendo threatened ROM uploaders with lawsuits to shut down a few ROM sites, such as Emuparadise and CoolRoms, there are other ROM sites, scattering everywhere on the internet. As long as the ROM community still lives, there will always be new sites popping up. The ROM community existed for a few decades. Gaming companies will never stop the technological progression of emulation on the internet.

If gaming companies want us to buy their modern games, then they should bring back demos of all games. Moreover, games should be way cheaper as 10-to-20 dollars, depending on the condition of the game. Games shouldn't have any micro-transactions, overpriced retro and modern games, DLC, seasonal passes, pre-order bonuses, lack of content, bugs/glitches, etc. Finally, all retro games that cost about 3 bucks or less, should be in stores to mix together with modern games to draw in more consumers, so it won't be so difficult to find them anymore in stores and there would be less pirating.
by TheUnknown21 January 27, 2020
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A filesharing program (ie P2P) that allows users to download various media files. You have to conncet to a server like Razorback to get on a network. It's based of eDonkey2000, but also includes more options, a source exchange, and the KAD (short for Kademelia) network. eMule has several MODs like NeoMule, eMule Plus, and a leecher MOD, Hardmule. eMule's users are known to provide real files most of the time, and it's hashing (copy protection) algorithm is different from Kazaa's where it can't be broken. Speeds are much slower than any other p2p, there are many more users, and it's community seems to have more in mind than porn and mp3s like large rival Kazaa.
Wow, I just downloaded a movie from eMule!
by Endit June 13, 2004
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to imitate, to strive to equal
mike tried to emulate spider-man, now hes dead :)
by jairo arroyo September 9, 2007
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A program that is ran off of a computer Which acts as a Video game system.You can download these for any system.You play roms on them which are also known as games.Emulators are not illeagal but the roms are.It says to keep them for 24hours then delete but its like napster nothing will happen.This is an excellent way to try out a new video game or to play through it
Visaul Boy Advance is an Emulator for Game Boy Advance
by Rocafella May 23, 2004
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A program that causes your computer to act like a video game system or different computer. As said before, the emulator itself is perfectly legal, but the ROMs are not, UNLESS you own the physical incarnation of said program, which is not a problem with some of my Atari games, but these laws are illogical anyway. Seriously, I could hook the system up and play the game any time I want.
z26 is a good Atari 2600 emulator, as NESten is for the NES. And if you want some seriously old-school games(think 1972) download OdyEmu, the only emulator for the Magnavox Odyssey. Although OdyEmu uses no actual ROMs anyway.....
by wouldntyouliketoknow September 18, 2004
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A wonderful device that lets you play the video games you grew up with. Examples include ZSNES (best SNES emulator ever), GENS (Best Genesis emulator ever), and Mekaw (Best Game Gear/SMS emulator ever). The game images (ROMS as they're called) are downloaded separately. The emulator reads the ROM file, and activates it. Most emulators have graphic and audio options, for example you can interpolate the screen graphics or toggle between stereo on monaural sound settings. You can also map the control settings and use gaming add-ons, to try to make it feel more like the console your emulator imitates.
by Hand Hanzo May 2, 2005
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A program that runs ROMs. Owning an Emulator isn't illegal, but owning a ROM of a game is. This is debateable though.
JNES, NESticle, and SNES9x are all emulators.
by Unown August 5, 2003
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