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A filesharing program (ie P2P) that allows users to download various media files. You have to conncet to a server like Razorback to get on a network. It's based of eDonkey2000, but also includes more options, a source exchange, and the KAD (short for Kademelia) network. eMule has several MODs like NeoMule, eMule Plus, and a leecher MOD, Hardmule. eMule's users are known to provide real files most of the time, and it's hashing (copy protection) algorithm is different from Kazaa's where it can't be broken. Speeds are much slower than any other p2p, there are many more users, and it's community seems to have more in mind than porn and mp3s like large rival Kazaa.
Wow, I just downloaded a movie from eMule!
by Endit June 12, 2004
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Someone used to convey a message to someone else via electronic means; an electronic go-between.
Patrick (in email or text or IM): Scott - Thought your brother would like this website. I don't have his address,so pass it along to him.

Scott (texting back): What am I, your e-mule?
by Patrick M. Roberson December 16, 2007
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An emulation of wordeDonkey/word.

It's better counter-part.
Sans-trash version
by larstait October 22, 2003
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A drunk/stoned way of calling a person emo (person with long black hair with one white strip in the middle, usually has scratches on his arms). This is only funny when you're drunk.
Hey, isn't that dude an emule?!
by seripap March 04, 2007
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