A store that contains many different items. (Food,clothes,and collectibles etc.) Such as a market.
That new emporium had everything i needed.
by D Stubbs May 21, 2007
County seat of Cameron County in Pennsylvania. With a population of roughly 2500, the streets of Emporium are well lit and with happy faces. On sunny days, at around 3:30PM-4:00PM, the streets of downtown Emporium are swarmed with teenage girls and their children. Apparently, the teenage pregnancy rates here are unusually high. Maybe as high as the teenagers hanging out behind the local bowling alley. Elks are seen roaming around freely every once in a while.
Emporium has the prettiest girls I've ever seen.
by Youngmahn Moon May 17, 2006
won·der em·po·ri·um

n. A vagina
I'm gonna murder you then put my dick in your wonder emporium filled with sin.
by AnonymousBoss September 10, 2010
A privately owned business that specialises in selling items (most notably games, shoes and fashion items) for incredibly low prices. The prices are so low that they have been known to cause a spastic reaction among some.
Guy 1: Dude I just bought a pair of Nike Airs for $20!!!!
Guy 2: Gotta be from Falgo's Emporium.
by DonutGee October 25, 2011
Best Discord where you can get free Pokémon and have a good laugh
Did you also get free shiny Pokémon from Zeraora's Emporium?
by Simon Zera April 17, 2021
The Gerbil Emporium is a place where people can go and Retwetweg the night away.

Its usually situated just off the M52 in England. You can find it by the glowing teal eyes in the moonlight and the dancing virgins around fire places.
Ger...Ger..Ge...GERBIL EMPORIUM!!! You too can now own your very own piece of Gerbil by visiting the Ger...Ger..Ge...GERBIL EMPORIUM!!!
by Bill Cosby August 4, 2004
A place where every known bitch and or asshole will be. Or a place assholes and bitches will be in abundance.
Becky: We should go to Johns party Friday Night!
Will: But Jackie, Hillary, Short Tommy and Kate who are the biggest asses in our school will be there. So will their rude ass friends.
Don: Yeah dude that party will be the Bitch Emporium!
by Thenapoleonbonaparte June 24, 2015