19 definitions by Bill Cosby

Nycdom got deported to d.r and is now d.r.dom
Yeoo is that nycdom

Na bro that’s DRdom
(He got deported to Dominican revolution)
by Bill Cosby December 10, 2019
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a mythical creature wich is known to feast on animal blood such as goats, dogs, etc.
(means "goat sucker" in spanish.)
i have seen the chupacabra! and its hideous mannnn. i mean its freakin ugly.
by Bill Cosby November 22, 2002
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a folk tale used to scare little spanish children.
if you stay out late the chupacabra will eat you joseltio.
by Bill Cosby November 22, 2002
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alright, so you're doing this broad, you know, Kansas style, then you beat her beyond recognition with pool noodles, you know, those foam ones, and you return her to the ex-wife's house before dinner.
"my daughter bought me an ugly tie for father's day, so I brought her to the Kansas City Carwash, you know what i'm talkin about?"
by Bill Cosby July 20, 2004
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-See "Communist". Someone who blames everything bad in the world on guns and Republicans. Wants to stick the U.S. constitution into a paper shredder, and makes they're own set of laws all revolving around "saving the earth"
I saw this liberal driving in his Prius with an Obama sticker on it.
by Bill Cosby January 18, 2015
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