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This is the official definition of the American Empath Association: An Empath is someone who understands the mental or emotional states of others in a way that defies conventional science and psychology. Empaths have the ability to sense the feelings, thoughts, and energies of people, plants, animals, places, or objects. In addition to sensing, Empaths absorb the energy of those around them. Empaths often experience stress or illness if they are bombarded by too many negative emotions. Empaths can also use their abilities to help others by imagining themselves in someone else’s situation and connecting with them on a deep level.
There are 17 types of Empaths recognized by the American Empath Association: For instance, an Emotional Empath is someone who is known for sensing and feeling the emotions of others.
by American Empath Association March 27, 2019
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Empathy: Normal experience of understanding and to some extent feeling the emotions of others, might be something to do with mirror neurons.

Empath: Probable narcissist who mistakes hypervigilance and projection resulting from early childhood trauma for a Trekkie superpower. Will spend more time telling you how they think you feel than actually listening to your problems, yet believes themselves to be a healer of sorts. Can be co-morbid with a messiah complex. Some develop enough self-awareness to overcome this phase and become genuinely useful to other people.
"As an empath, I can sense your deep inner sadness"

"Man I just have a hangover, leave me alone"
by FnordPrefect January 30, 2020
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Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.
Empath: The root of the word comes from Empathy. Jane has empathy for Joe as he mourns the loss of his father. Jane may have lost her father in the past but not recently. She is capable of feeling what Joe is feeling. She is Empathetic. Jane is an Empath.
by HanulDeath November 22, 2009
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1. An Empath is a person with a preternatural ability to apprehend the emotional state of another individual.

2. When the term Empath is used in online communities, it takes on a new meaning. Essentially it means a person with a preternatural ability to completely misunderstand the mental or emotional state of themselves and others.

3. A person who has the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another.

4. When one flips the coin of the title Empath, they come face to face with the darker side of Empathy or that of the Empathic Parasite. This type of person utilizes their ability to understand and share in the emotional states of others to manipulate people and situations to bring themselves front and center. These same people then begin to sustain themselves on the emotional energy of others, often leaving them feeling drained and/or exhausted.

5. Another definition of Empath is that of the Empathic Guru. The Empathic Guru is someone who believes it is their mission in life to do outreach to others and help guide them on their spiritual path to perfection, enlightenment, or infinite peace. In the doing, they willingly set themselves, their needs and wants, aside and sacrifice themselves for others, because this is where their sense of self and self worth rises out of.
Deanna Troi, from the television series Star Trek The Next Generation, brought the term Empath to the forfront of mainstream social consciousness with her abilities to feel the emotional currents of those around her, even at relatively long distances.
by EmberDust September 12, 2011
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An empath is a person who is gifted in senceing other peoples emotion and is aloud to feel outher peoples pain to help cope and to help heal withothers emotional scares
girl: u just hit me in the face and i didn't feel a thing

dude: *taps girl on shoulder* u might not of but i sure did *rubs side of face*
by mobid weasle March 16, 2005
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Take on a lot of people's issues and try to solve the world's problems (yes its real)
Person 1: Zac is an empath
Person 2: is that real?
Person 1: yes it is real, look it up
by SomeoneElseWhoCares October 16, 2020
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A powerful being with abilities that defy convention logic and science. They have the powerful ability to will anything into reality, foresee future events and perceive the world through gifted senses aside from the five. Sometimes these beings are labeled narcissistic, grandiose or given an unwarranted psychiatric diagnosis. They are typically hidden figures. Ordinary persons with extraordinary lives.
To have the ability to organize complete chaos is a gift held by a true empath.
by John Rocca March 04, 2021
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