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1. An Empath is a person with a preternatural ability to apprehend the emotional state of another individual.

2. When the term Empath is used in online communities, it takes on a new meaning. Essentially it means a person with a preternatural ability to completely misunderstand the mental or emotional state of themselves and others.

3. A person who has the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another.

4. When one flips the coin of the title Empath, they come face to face with the darker side of Empathy or that of the Empathic Parasite. This type of person utilizes their ability to understand and share in the emotional states of others to manipulate people and situations to bring themselves front and center. These same people then begin to sustain themselves on the emotional energy of others, often leaving them feeling drained and/or exhausted.

5. Another definition of Empath is that of the Empathic Guru. The Empathic Guru is someone who believes it is their mission in life to do outreach to others and help guide them on their spiritual path to perfection, enlightenment, or infinite peace. In the doing, they willingly set themselves, their needs and wants, aside and sacrifice themselves for others, because this is where their sense of self and self worth rises out of.
Deanna Troi, from the television series Star Trek The Next Generation, brought the term Empath to the forfront of mainstream social consciousness with her abilities to feel the emotional currents of those around her, even at relatively long distances.
by EmberDust September 13, 2011
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1. A sloth is a slow moving animal which prefers to dwell high up amongst the trees. Generally this gentle beast only comes down to the ground in order to take it's bi-weekly defecation.

2. A character from the show Goonies.

3. One of the seven deadly sins: laziness, slovenliness, procrastination.
My boyfriend is such a frigging sloth when it comes to doing housework.
by EmberDust September 13, 2011
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