An understanding of another persons feelings....
Carla looked at Henry and felt empathetic for him because he was unemployed with a family of five.

"I feel so bad for Henry and his family, I know how he must feel"
by yosmah August 30, 2009
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Being able to relate and understand other individuals.
The seasoned child soldier was empathetic towards the wearied commander.
by VossiferLori April 26, 2019
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Contrary to those "other" dictionaries, I argue that empathetic is when you really suck at being empathic.
I used to think Jackie was pretty good at validating how I feel, but over time I've come to realize that she's just empathetic.
by Taigitsune January 3, 2008
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To feel another's point of view in your own existence while watching virtual reality
"I feel you" is a good way to describe empatheticality.
by Mr Eden's Class May 21, 2018
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One's prostate gland reacting to someone's descriptions of painful experiences, or a reaction to the sight of someone elses painful experience. This is a dull, almost tingly sensation that lasts a few seconds and then disappears into the ether. Depending on the duration and magnitude of the sensation, this could be the equivalent of your prostate crying uncontrollably, or just emitting a concerned sigh.
My wife told me about her mom's varicose vein surgury, and I almost doubled-over from prostate empathy.
by Acebinkley August 17, 2005
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using broadcasts sports/news/entertainment/business, etc,for the attachment of your micro social meme to send to others by non verbal facial expressions of knowing/understanding/empathy .
We knew there was underground revolutionary activity going on Tehran that was mostly whispered about by teenage girls but you could tell the newscasters IE, Stewart/Colbert/Maddow all knew something was going on in a empathetic relay/semiotic subtext.
by shitslinger February 13, 2012
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1. The emotional analysis of another person's life experiences in order to either expand on an existing positive connection or to change the negative dynamics of a relationship.
Once Bob engaged in mindful Empathetic Understanding, his negative attitudes towards homosexuality have changed for the better.
by Eclectic Savant April 12, 2020
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