The hottest, most amazing, sexy, man in the entire world. He may be white but he raps better then any black man wishes/dreams he could. My daughter Hailie is so proud, she loves him almost as much as me. He is by far the best and will stay the best forever and always <3.

Eminem your crazy =)
by WafflePonyPwns October 06, 2007
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One of the best rappers of all time, he doesnt rap about anythin like the others he raps about his life and stuff like that (he uses bits of his memorys and puts them into a song) eminem has sold millions of records (with his latest being relapse and soon to be relapse 2) he aint no wigger its not just people who are black that can rap!!!
Eminem has also married and devoirced his wife alot of times.
Kim - wife
Hailie - daughter

Alaina - adopted daughter

Eminem was very upset when proof died because they had known each other for a long time, and they were also in the a group together with some other people which is called d12
he was also very upset when ronnie died (commeted suiscide), he spent a lot of time with ronnie and ronnie was like the only family marshall had, ronnie also introduced marshall into the hip-hop world

In most of eminems songs it does include Hailie and Kim in a lot of them e.g -

Hailies song
'97 bonnie & clyde
"I look at Hailie and i couldn't picture leaving her side, even if i hated kim, i grit my teeth and id try, to make things work at least for hailies sake, i maybe made song mistakes but im only human but im man enough to face them today. what i did was stupid no doubt it was dumb but the smartest shit was take the bullets outta that gun cuz ida killed him shit i woulda shot kim and them both its my life id like welcome ya'll to the eminem show" - Lyrics from cleaning out my closet
by mental nutcase July 06, 2009
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This is the biggest white rapper in all of history. Eminem, he is also known as Slim Shady but his real name is Marshall Mathers.

The name Eminem was derived from the initial letters of the rapper's first and last name, Marshall Mathers (M and M).

Using 'M and M' he then spelled this out as you would pronounce it, which is Eminem.
I went to see Eminem in concert, it was shit hot!
by MestUp-RiotGirl May 24, 2005
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Eminem is a famous rapper who has been rapper for proubly 10 year And He shows up any rapper out there....
Eminem is all so know by Slim Shady and his real name is Marshal mathers
by joe bean January 03, 2006
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Eminem- A legendary rapper from Detroit who raps from the heart. He is also a well respected rapper for being the first white man to get involved with hip hop, the stereotypical music for African Americans.
Person 1: Yo do you know Eminem?!
Person 2: hell yeah I do! He's great!
Person 1: My aunt used to listen to him before she died.
Person 2: She had a great taste!
by Kyo chan September 17, 2017
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The meaning n creator of new gen of rap
The best rapper ever born on the planet

N what irony!! He's white
Lil Wayne: Yo Nigga! I just heard all Eminem songs nigga....he ain't better than me nigga
Me:*kills him* Tonight,I'm cleanin' out his closet
by CyberWarrior0010 September 19, 2016
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