The Cobain Cipher is an encryption key developed by Steven McCreanor. It is based on two foundation principles:
1. Basic alpha-numeric substitution (Caesar cipher).
2. Substitution of letters with numerals that possess similar appearance.

The Cobain cipher encryption key is as follows:
0 = O
1 = I, H
2 = n, S, u, Z
3 = E, M, W
4 = F
6 = b, d, g, P
7 = L, V

The Cobain cipher was developed on the proposition that certain letters possess a higher quality of visual similarity to certain numerals than others which can therefore be broken down into three major categories, that ultimately produce the Cobain cipher

Category one (most visually similar without manipulation)
0 = O
1 = I (upper-case i)
2 = Z
6 = b,

Category two (most visually similar with 360° manipulation)
1 = I, H
2 = n, S, u
3 = E, M, W
4 = F
5 = n, S, u
6 = d, P, g
7 = L, V
8 =
9 = b, d, g, P

Category three (least visually similar with three-dimensional manipulation)
0 = C, c, D, G, O, o, Q, U, u
1 = H, i, J, j, l (lowercase L), T, t
2 = G, h, N, n, S, s, U, u, Z, z
3 = E, M, m, W, w
4 = A, F, f, K, k, T, t, V, v, X, x, Y
5 = G, h, N, n, S, s, U, u, Z, z
6 = a, b,d, e, g, p, q, y
7 = H, i, J, j, L, r, T, t, V, v
8 = B, K, k, R
9 = a, b,d, e, g, p, q, y

*The Cobain cipher was produced by synthesising category one and two.
The Cobain cipher was developed within the concepts described in Hidden Number Theory.
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