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Irony at its finest, a white person ruling a predomenantly black industry.
Eminem isnt a bad musician just america is too fucking stupid to deal with any strong messages.
by FraZ October 05, 2005

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Great British film about people taking heroin and their struggle to get off it. Contains best quote ever. Was also filmed outside of my school who were a bit pissed off once they realised it was about taking drugs.
Trainspotting rules. Begbie is a legend.
by FraZ October 25, 2005

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The greatest EVER football related programme. On every saturday on sky sports, its worth the cost of sky alone. Has some cool bands n people on it. If you chose not to watch soccer am and call yourself a football fan you need to be shot
Tim Lovejoy is a legend. Helen Chamberlain is a legend who managed to win $400,000 playin her first ever poker competition. Tubes needs a haircut, Rocket needs to grow and Robbie Knox is a tramp!!! Soccer am is life
by FraZ September 30, 2005

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Shortened version of hamshank, which is rhyming slang for wank
"I'm dying for a hammy right now!"
by FraZ September 30, 2005

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Fucking immense band. Everyone with any sense of rock music should listen to RATM. They rule. Shouldn't have broken up so early, but still made 4 quality albums.
Rage Against The Machine rock. Tom Morello is a legend and genius. If you only think they are good because of their lyrics just listen to some of Morellos guitar solos : Kick out the Jams, Know your enemy for example. They are musical genius. If anything they are highly underrated
by FraZ October 30, 2005

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