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the muffin that pops out of the toaster
e.g. pops, 'tis ready
by yellowdaug August 23, 2011
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refers to the act of holding a flute in both hands and blowing it
e.g. did you do the blow job on that pipe?
by yellowdaug August 31, 2011
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Refers to a mixed-race woman whom was told as a child (around 13) that she had an unusual voice and no singing talent by her music instructor.

Ignoring this professional opinion she eventually became famous worldwide still sounding like a cross between a turkey and a frog. Her success can be attributed to her shaking her behind but remains a mystery to this day.
1st man: We are in downtown and I hear turkeys and frogs!

2nd man: It's only shakira singing. Concentrate on her ass mate, forget about the singing.
by yellowdaug September 27, 2011
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Someone whose sins made him fearful of hot, flaming punishment and decided to get a clean slate.
A: that immoral thief is a saint now

B: how come?

A: he's become a haji
by yellowdaug March 27, 2010
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A black gangster wannabe whose music style is imitated from one of the most idiotic music genres ever. He somehow thinks that by mixing generic music with sentences that rhyme spoken in a stuttering manner he is creating music.
Music is dead since 1996. Songwriting is a thing of the past. Eminem is an example of the death of creativity in the music industry.
by yellowdaug October 30, 2011
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