The meaning n creator of new gen of rap
The best rapper ever born on the planet

N what irony!! He's white
Lil Wayne: Yo Nigga! I just heard all Eminem songs nigga....he ain't better than me nigga
Me:*kills him* Tonight,I'm cleanin' out his closet
by CyberWarrior0010 September 19, 2016
One of the most popular rappers in America. He is the only reason why we have 50 cent and the Dirty Dozen. His real name is Marshal Mathers and he grew up in Detroit Michigan. He also goes by Slim Shady. As Eminem he raps about real things that happened to him. As Slim Shady he just does random things. Also produced and acted in a movie called 8 Mile which was based on his life.
And lets give it up for Eminem
by destro9799 January 10, 2011
Only white rapper from Detroit. He has three daughters and raps about the shit that happened in his ghetto life. Want to know about him, watch "8 Mile".
Guy 1: Yo, I just purchased a new song from Snoop Dogg man!
Guy 2: Nah, I'm tired of hearing the same black people rapping all the time man. Lets listen to Eminem cuz he is the rapper better than those black ones.
by AdomC March 7, 2015
A brilliant rapper with a pretty bad background. Not the kind of guy your mum would want you to bring home. But he is white ruling a balck industry. And never uses the word 'nigga'
Justin Bieber: I had such a hard life growing up with divorced parents
Eminem: That's cute
by Pob09 July 21, 2013
Eminem is a one time Academy award winning and 10 time Grammy award winning artist - he's got talent and he writes about different things from Kim, to Hallie, to his mother etc.. instead of just girls, money, drugs, sex, pimps etc.. all the time: he goes down the list..

And for anyone who doesn't know this, the first gangster was actually white. So how does he think he is black and how's he acting it? How does a black person supposely act?

Regardless of what color he MAY act.. he actually has alot of talent and creativity.
1: Eminem acts like he's fucking black, it's so annoying and he thinks he's so talented.
2: I want to know how a black person supposely acts and why you think Eminem acts like that.
by Oddballz August 4, 2008
Marshall Mathers III.. aka Slim Shady.... produced eight Cds... Infinite, Slim Shady EP, Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem Show, 8 Mile, Encore, And Curtain Call greatest hits cd including Fack, Shake dat Ass, and Newly releashed When I'm Gone
Eminem is the best rapper there is!!!
by Eminem411 February 23, 2006
One of, or the best rapper out there today. The infamous Eminem doesn't rap about bitches, money or who he just shot. He raps about his life and childhood problems he has encountered. Eminem has been around a long while, and has rapped with people such as Dr.Dre and he has also formed the band D12. Eminem has had another on stage name, which was Slim Shady. His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers. Eminem performed at many places and has sold an estimated 70 million albums.
Eminem is a notorious god of rap.

Eminem is Phat, man!
by Risown January 4, 2009