An Elof is a fat pussy. Specifically a fat labia majora.
"Yo Chirs, I heard you banged Abby"
"Yeah man, she definitely has an elof"
by Itali Autem Alba January 26, 2020
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Elof is a scandinavian name that either means: super sexy amazing dots 2 player and totaly not a silver elite. Or nothing because nobody will ever read this post and I have quite a bad imagination.
That guy looks like an elof! or You're a total elof.
by Notelof December 12, 2016
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A ass child, often named elof is a person, whos face looks like a ass, or is a ass in any other way, or its just a dumb word to use if you got nothing to say simply: a Ass child, or a Rövbarn as we say in sweden.
PRetty ass, aint it?
Hi iam elof, elof the Ass-child.
Oh so you are, aint that great!
by Fucktard August 7, 2004
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The hottest man to ever walk on this fucking earth. He is very kind and does weird things with his eyebrows.

His ass is made of titanum and his abs are shaped like a fucking cheese grater. He has big fat lips and his dick is massive as well.
-Damn boy! u fine as hell!
-Thanks guuurl.
-Is your name Elof?
-That makes sense.
by Obi-Wan_Canabiss February 4, 2020
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The name of the manliest scandinavian viking out there. Even if sometimes may not look the part Elofs are filled to the brim with nothing but testosterone. The opposite of a soyboy.
Girl: Wow is that Elof? Shit I came.
by lapen May 6, 2019
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-Bro i just hung out with Dwayne Johnsson.

-He’s such a baller yo...

-Yeah, such an Elof.
by Bro ur like, very funny December 17, 2020
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