Elliott means “close to God.” Elliott is an outgoing, glass half full person. They have many friends, but have trouble sticking to just one. He/she keeps their problems to themselves, and are private with their life. He/she typically has to really trust you to share their life with you. Elliott will be set on one particular person for long periods of time, because he/she knows when they like someone. Elliott has trouble liking people, because he/she is delicate and takes things seriously.However Elliott is a good lover, as he/she is deticated, loyal, and respectful. He/she treats their lover like royalty and would never do anything to make them upset. He/she always puts other people first.
Elliott is one of the best!
by Itsssssanavocado November 6, 2018
Elliott is such a hot guy! He is smart, hot, athletic, and the best boyfriend someone can have! He is the handsomest guy you'll ever meet. He will make you laugh and he will be there for you to cry on his shoulder whenever you need him. If you meet a guy like Elliott, he's definitely a keeper! <3
"Omg! Look at Elliott! He's so hot!"

"I wish Elliott were my boyfriend!"
by cutecurtainbangs:) April 9, 2022
The kid with the biggest dick in the room. A real toro.
"Did you see that Private Joe Snuffy?, he's a real Elliott! "

"Nah man, he's no Elliott, he's just a Chisholm trying to impress some freshman."
by Private Joe Snuffy February 20, 2016
got the biggest dick out there

he will whip your ass in 2k if you try

sexiest man alive 2005-current
I wish I could date Elliott he has such a big dick and is so fucking hot
by stijndapig May 22, 2019
Elliott is a shy guy who usually keeps his problems to himself. Weather friends or more, he takes care of girls/women well, and is a gentleman rather then a player. Elliott will be set on one particular girl for a long period of time as he knows when he genuinely likes someone. Elliott can be delicate when it comes to females and is easily lead on. However, Elliott makes a good boyfriend and is dedicated to making an effort weather it be on dates, special occasions, birthdays, etc. He is loyal to his girlfriend, and will always treat her with respect. When he is in a relationship he always treats his girl like a queen and would never do anything to upset her. He always put his girlfriend before himself and just wants to make her happy, he'll do anything to do so.
We should all learn a thing or two from Elliott
by ElToro09 March 15, 2017
Elliott is the type of guy that people enjoy to be around, he may not be the most attractive guy in the world but he makes up for it for being kind, respectful and mature. He treats women with great respect and when given the chance to date he is the most deticated and lovable boyfriend a girl could want.
He may come off as shy and too himself Around unfamiliar people but once you become friends he is all you could ask in a friend.
Elliott may also be very stubborn and always wants the last word in an argurment but not to worry he never holds grudges and avoids fighting and drama at all costs.
Elliott is also very caring for friends and family as well as strangers in need of help
Let’s not forget Elliott loves animals and will probably always have a dog.
To summarize Elliott as a person is rare in this day and age you are very lucky to be friends with him and he will always be there for you till the day you die.
Did you see what Elliott said to me today it made my whole day better!
Elliott is so cute I couldn’t ask for anyone else to be in my life

That joke Elliott told me yesterday made me wet my jockers.
Please give Elliott a chance he is never given thr benefit of doubt and you will not be disappointed.
Elliott is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.
by 101Unknown101 March 9, 2019
A grumpy old troll who lives under a bridge
Dora, it’s the grumpy old Elliott watch out!!!
by A homie with an extra chromie February 21, 2019