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when someone flirts with someone else and seems interested but it turns out they had no real intentions with that person.
Girl 1:He was flirting with me, but then he said he had a girlfriend.
Girl 2: You were totally lead on!
by Nicole3000 November 19, 2007
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Some one who flirts, teases, and possibly kisses you and turns around and ignores you and has no interest in you anymore.

Emilee S. S.
Dude i was hanging with her all night and then she jst turned around and screwed me. It was a total lead on
by theboss55 May 02, 2010
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lead on meaning someone who tells you they like you or possible displays it with a certain type of behavior
maybe even kisses you, and turns around and acts like they hardly know you, or ignores you
man, she told me she liked me she even said i was cute and wanted to hangout with me more, now she doesnt even talk to me, I was totally lead on
by kyoto May 03, 2008
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When a person, through actions or words, leads you to believe that a relationship and/or sex will happen sometime in the future, when in fact they had no intention of either.
Josh: "Do you know a lead on is?"

Ethan: "What?"

Josh: "It's when someone tells you something nice will happen but then it doesn't and it ruins your entire life."


Josh: "Becca led me on for 14 months, that we know of!"

Ethan: "I'm sorry man. How are you feeling?"

by JKurtz January 20, 2009
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An action or saying, usually done by a female, that's supposed to hint to a guy to 'make a move' or 'ask me out'.

Sometimes guys will see "signs" that are not meant to lead them on, then the guy acts on it, the girl is weirded out, and the friendship is affected forever.

Other times guys are, apparently, oblivious to signs that girls make, which frustrates the girl. Sometimes she's frustrated to the point that she'll just forget about him and move on.
Joe: I'll never find the right girl.
Jane: Sometimes they're right under your nose, and you've known them all along.
Joe: Where am I gonna find a girl like that?
Jane: Uggh! Forget it!
Joe: Huh?
by Phillip F. July 11, 2005
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When someone gives you false hope for, what most people think can only be a relationship, but also friendship.
Allie: I was lead on for a couple of months, I thought we were good friends, turns out we're not. It took a long time to get over.

Katie: That stupid Jake! He'll pay for this.
by arffflikeadoggy September 27, 2010
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Usually a gorgeous teenage girl, That has everything you ever wanted, Goes out on dates with you, Kiss's you, holds your hand and looks into your eyes, says very meaningfull things to you, then you wake up the next day exited to talk to that person... only to found out STAB STAB they wanna be your freind, Most of the time the reason is they have found another cock to suck, but in some odd cases, they are just retarded.
Me: Hey hun, How are you today

Girl:Hey im awsome thanks babe, today was the best i love you so much

Next day

Me:Hey Gorgeous how are you

Girl:Um hi... im ok... listen ive been thinking, maybe we should be freinds

Me: O_o fuck you whore *sigh* i was lead-on again :(
by AreZ October 10, 2005
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