This is gonna be one of the loveliest people you ever meet. They will be on your mind 24/7 and there smile will make your day. They are the cutest people ever and they will melt your heart. They are some of the most gorgeous beings to roam the Earth and have some of the best personalities.
Person 1 “Oh jesus ur heart just melted!”
Person 2 “Yea I just talked to Elka”
Person 1 “Ohhhhhhh
by so no he3d? October 23, 2019
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Someone who is literally so awesome you'll shit your pants
Bro Elka is like legendary bro.
by Elkatherockhohnson March 24, 2021
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An amazing girl with a good personality. Very athletic and very popular and gorgeous.
Wow i wish i was Elka "said rachelle"
by 🤟🤟🤟 April 25, 2019
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A word used for a sexy ass bitch with a fat bunda with brown eyes and daddy issues who will cry at anything. She is a great person but sucks at basic social skills and is extremely ticklish
by Ayyoitsame November 22, 2021
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Sueña despierta, busca entre las estrellas su estrella, busca el canto de los delfines y las ballenas... busca la sonrisa de la luna, busca los cascabeles en la sonrisa amada... aprendió del amor cuando un bebé la miró a los ojos... lloró cuando perdió a su mascota... hoy busca la magia ...
salta hasta la luna como Elka
by La Coneja Atrapada en la Luna November 2, 2018
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Hideous Person thats bad at everything
ewww look at elka she thinks shes top shit
by 🤟🤟🤟 April 25, 2019
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Very pretty, smart and tall. She's a professional Triggered feminist and Brandy Melville model.
Rachel: straighten your girl out

Anonymous: I'm gonna summon my inner Elka and tell you how sexist that was!
by Ayy lex Luther December 30, 2016
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