El Cucuy is a monster that steals and harms children that are trouble makers or that disobey their parents. Although known as a myth, many hispanic parents use the phrase, "Te va llevar el Cucuy" or "The Cucuy is going to take you" to scare their kids into behaving or into staying where they told them to stay.

El Cucuy es un monstro que roba y hace daño a los hijos desobedientes y traviesos. Aunque el Cucuy es conocido como una mytha, los padres latinoamericanos o hispanos usan el frase, "Te va llevar el Cucu si no quedes hayi" o "Si no vas a hacer caso, te va llevar el Cucuy y yo no te voy a ayudar cuando te lleva".
Hijo - "Ma, yo no quiero ir a misa! Si me tratas de llevar a fuerzas, voy a correr a mi cuarto y voy a poner el seguro en la puerta para que no entres!"
Madre - "Pues ya vete a tu cuarto para que te agarra el Cucuy!"

~ La madre sale de la casa dejando todo pagado. Prende el carro y dice "Bye! Te va llevar el Cucuy!"~

~El hijo sale corriendo de la casa diciendo "Esperate! Yo voy!"~

Son - "Mom, I don't want to go to mass! If you try to make me, I'm gonna run into my room and lock the door so you can't get in!"
Mom - "Well go to your room already so el Cucuy can get you!"

~The mom turns off everything and leaves. She starts the car and says, "Bye! El Cucuy is gonna get you!"~

~The son runs out of the house yelling, "Wait! I'm gonna go!" ~
by AssQuiefPussyFart July 23, 2013
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My dad after I change the temperature on the AC.
El Cucuy came for me with the belt and I’m still running to this day.
by Merriam Webster JR’s son March 18, 2021
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"EL CUCUY" is the mexican boogeyman who trolls through numerous forums in search of victims and answers to his questions
you better behave or the cucuy will get you.
by EL CUCUY January 26, 2005
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One of coal chambers many heavy songs. Know for the line: “kill the man become the monster
El cucuy is best when seen live
by Nascarfan2007 February 15, 2023
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