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1)A myth from of Mexico about a creature thats like a vampire in which it attacks farm animals

2)An episode of the X-Files that only exist in re-runs
by David Gomez August 04, 2003
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A giant goat-blood sucking monster. It is sometimes called the Mexican bigfoot. He is slightly related to Vampires. It happens because of beastiality. dont let it happen to you!(if youre a vampire. like me.)

El Chupacabras are complete pimps. they kick ass.
Person 1: Holy shit look at that! El Chupacabra just banged four in a row! How is that possible!

Person 2: dude. He's a total pimp. c'mon.
by Tom the Ninja May 06, 2008
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a blood sucking creature, alian looking, that sucks the blood out of the cows,goats,chickens and other farm animals or animals that it finds. The whole chupacrabra mystery dissapered many years ago, it was all a lied. Some stories were in centarl america others in some islands of the caribean, did it swim?
El chupacrabras. The suckgoat.
by outlast October 14, 2003
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