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Fuck-mothering vampire, the Crimson Fucker, and all-around badass.
He's better than Mr.Popo. Alucard is always better than Mr.Popo
by DarkEmperorKiva January 31, 2014
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1.Main character in an anime called Hellsing.
2.Character in the Castlevania series.
3.Dracula spelled backwards
4.Believed to be the name of the reincarnation of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula.
by -Drakken August 23, 2003
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Alucard aka Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes is the dhampir (half-vampire) son of Dracula Vlad Tepes. He decided to help Trevor Belmont defeat the Count after his mother was killed by humans. He is also the playable character in Symphony of The Night, in which he ventures into Castlevania, with naught but his sword, magic shield and crosses in order to destroy it, whilst saving Richter Belmont. He is also the Lord of Fabulous Walks, and a badass. On a side note, he fights better shirtless
Man Alucard is a badass
by Mymonitorisoff May 28, 2019
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Alucard is so cool that when he enters the room the temperature actually drops.
by HT January 13, 2004
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alucard. A Manga fictive vampire in the serie Hellsing. And a very powerfull vampire. Alucard spelled backwards ALUCARD
DRACULA He is not son of Dracula.He IS Dracula. Alucard is the badest of all vampires since he is haveing a very hard time dying. Greatest enemy - Paladin Alexander Anderson.
From Hellsing Dead Zone
alucard "Stop Whining! All I did was cut off your stupid legs! Summon your demons! Transform yourself! Regenerate your legs! Stand up! Pick up your gun and attack me! Do something! The night is still so young, and the real fun is yet to start! Hurry, hurry, hurry, HURRY!!!
You're just like the rest... a disappointment."
by Lennart ryan October 04, 2007
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