A person who smuggles immigrants into America and they come from any given country for a small fee to cross into the United States. They make very good money doing it. (Average per person $1200)
Juan 1: Did you make it across with a coyote?
Juan 2: No acrossed on my own this time.
by Vicente Fox October 1, 2003
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A person who illegally smuggles people across boarders of countries.
"we paid a coyote a hundred bucks a piece to get us in to the united states"
by P. Gryphenz June 7, 2003
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Referring A individual who leads a pack of immigrants through harsh remote terrains, deserts , river grande, from one country borderline across another country line illegally.

Most commonly crossing the Mexico / USA border.

Cayotes Shepard the herd of immigrants safely for a fee usually 10,000USD per person.

Cayotes usually work for cartel, and take payment of the immigrants in different methods. Cash , use immigrant as a drug mule , or sex trafficking until payment is complete.

Cayotes are armed dangerous Mexican cartel operatives, Usually well respected in Mexico, and targeted in USA by custom border patrol.
Did you see that coyote leading those illegal immigrants across rio grande?! How did they not get caught! Who cares. More tacos for us . Right OneworldA
by One World Anarchy October 23, 2020
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"singing dog" This wolf like canine occupies most of North America, they have become a problum in urban areas due to thier feeding habits.
The coyotes call can be heard over the hill, bring in the cat so they dont get it.
by J August 31, 2003
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These are the male counter parts to Cougars. Usually newly divorced you can tell this by the fact that they will use the same lines they did in the 1980's and only reference things like Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Typically they are a very aggressive angry sort that wants fresh meat and can be easily spotted in there members only jacket or light pastel t shirts with a blazer over it. They lurk in the clubs and will try to impress a Puma or other Naive young women into going home with them. There tactics typically include mentioning that the wife is gone, driving a nice car, and Miami Vice. They drink very non manly drinks like Michelob Ultra, Pink Squirrels, and some form of a Martini typically a Cosmo. Traveling in groups of 2 or 3 they can be seen causing a ruckus and bitching about the new music that is being played.
Oh man look at the Coyotes that just walked into the bar.
by Avran LeFeber June 30, 2006
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coyote male verison of a cougar. Older man that preys on younger women.
Coyotes prey on younger women at bars.
by MACNESS September 13, 2008
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A female who dates men three or more years younger than themselves
Paula Abdul totally went coyote for Brad Beckerman
by eastoner August 11, 2012
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