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Basically a woman that has the authority and health clearance that is acceptable under the laws and regulations of the state of Nevada, that sleeps with men for money.
The reason why legal Nevada prostitutes are so clean is because they go thru state required health checks.
by MST3K I like December 28, 2021
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The act of or getting tit fucking or breast fucking a Mexican female.
Person 1: Yo! Me and my Mexican gal are going to do some memping tonight.

Person 2: Aww man! My gal does not even tit fuck me. Why do you get everything.
by MST3K I like November 28, 2020
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A cow after it has grassed on weed plant rather than grazing on grass.
Person 1: Why is my weed plant stems missing, and why my cow acting so weird.

Person 2: Oh Lord! You got a literally high cow!
by MST3K I like December 27, 2021
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Basically a man named Anthony Warner that set off a suicide RV bomb outside of AT&T distribution building in Nashville, Tennessee on 2020 Christmas. The motives are said to be due to him being influenced by false hoaxes regarding 5G, according to the Daily Mail. It is also rumored that he was a red-neck republican.

The attack started of by him shooting gun shots, then telling everyone to evacuate on the RV loud speaker. Then starting a robotic female voice countdown timer, which at the same time played in the background both on the RV loud speaker the 1960's hit soul song by Petula Clark, "Downtown". The RV then exploded.
Due to the actions of the Looney MAGA Bomber, Christmas 2020 will be remembered as a sad day in Nashville, Tennessee.
by MST3K I like December 28, 2021
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A female breast that has a mole on it.
Jame's girlfriend has a very big mole on one of her breasts, or should we say molboob.
by MST3K I like December 28, 2021
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Also known as a "rotating uncharged blackhole" or a "Kerr blackhole". One of the four possible solutions to Einstien's field equations for general relativity. Unlike a standard blackhole, which has a single point singularity, a ring singularity is ring shaped because the blackhole is rotating. Any object that has spin and collapses into a blackhole would turn into a ring singularity.

Ring singularities are known to be of special interest because of the unusual phenomenons that occur near the singularity, that would not occur at a single point singularity. The structure of the rotating blackhole is different.

In a rotating blackhole, the outer layer is called the ergoshpere, which is shaped like a ovaloid. There are also two event horizons, the outer event horizon is taurus shaped. The outer event horizon acts like that of the event horizon found in a non-rotating blackhole. However the inner event horizon is different. Inside the inner event horizon space and time start acting normal again.

The real interesting part is about the ring singularity at the center. The edges of the ring singularity act like a singularity found in any non-rotating blackhole. However the central region inside of the ring according to physicists acts like either a portal to another universe, a wormhole, or both.

Majority if not all blackholes in the universe have a ring singularity. This is because all objects in the universe have some amount spin, including stars that collapse into a blackhole.
A ring singularity could act like a portal. Also, majority if not all blackholes in the universe have a ring singularity.
by MST3K I like August 30, 2022
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