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Eirini is smart, funny, and smart. She is beautiful but thinks lots of negative thoughts about herself. She is the type of person to go to if you need advice with anything. DON'T mess with her because she can mess you up in the blink of an eye. Eirini can be all nice and kind until you see her "bad side". You will know when she is angry because she gives daggers. Eirini isn't scared to say whats on her mind. She is a player but when she finds the right guy she will love them with all her heart. And when she says Don't Worry About It you know what she really means.

Eirini is a Greek name and it also means peace.
OMG you know that girl Eirini. she is the best person to talk to!!

I love Eirini. She is amazing!
by uberstingymouse July 03, 2020
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Blonde girl ,flirty eyes ,really beautiful .But don't let that fool you !Although she looks sweet ,she's so smart that she would be able to mess with your head in the blink of an eye .
I don't like her very much ,she doesn't fascinate me-i want to fall in love with someone that will cause me an Eirini !!
by sexandthecity February 06, 2010
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