To ejaculate unceasingly onto a standing, preferably posing, whore to resemble a completely white Greek statue albeit caked in substantial cheesy cum.
Guy#1: My balls were so blue I could smell my cum turning sour through my dick!

Guy#2 : How’d you fix your expired dick?

Guy#1: Told my wife to rock my kid to sleep and once she was still, I Greek Goddessed that cunt with even my infant getting a taste!
by CollinLikesMen August 8, 2019
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a goddess. with intelligence and beauty. she's an "all around girl" whose down for anything, especially the dirty. Body so curvy and smooth could make any man cry. Usually nicknamed Sophie or Soph. Very sexy, a down-ass chick, book smart and full of wisdom.

a wifey type that can make a man satisfied. cook good, look good and feels good...especially in bed.

A one of kind girl, rare to find and once you find it hold on to it till eternity.
"Is that a goddess? Look at that beauty"
"In fact that is, that's Greek goddess Sophia!"
by Bigmike May 8, 2017
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