Children have always been fascinated with dinosaurs, especially the tyrannosaurus rex.
by Loverksa99 September 3, 2015
My boobs are soo big, my blouse has nine buttons but i can only fascinate.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
It’s fascinating to look at these photos and see how critical the roles were that the animals served.
by ASALBARIO December 1, 2015
A concoction of feathers, lace, random dead birds (possibly other types of roadkill) stuck to some trollops head. Usually seen most at horse racing events.
I was too stingy to buy a proper hat, so instead I have this fascinator!
by haichdee November 1, 2010
sexy want to get with hot eye candy love fuck Lust charm chemistry

An emotion or obsession with significant other, crush, or fuck buddy.

An intensely interesting, attractive quality or trait.
Whats with the fascination?
I just like you.
by damien wade pollox August 11, 2007
Fascinating. Originating from the Latin term of "Divine Penis" But means something amazing or shocking. Usually used with a positive connotation
That was truly fascinating!
by Pearing Pear March 17, 2020
Frequently used sarcastically to point out how irrelevant someone's opinion was to the conversation at hand.
Can be accompanied by an eyebrow arch and a chin stroke.

However, if used in the normal 'attention grabbing' sense, you are queer. 'Nuff said.
Guy 1: I had such a crappy day at work. My boss..
Guy 2: Dude, I played halo all last night.
Guy 1: Fascinating....Anyway, as I was saying..etc
by Mattlololl July 28, 2008