Noun: A badass dog in an anime series
Verb: To pull an "eine", meaning to fail a class or fuck something up in general.
"Man, I pulled an Eine yesterday, got an F on my Geometry test."
by Danny February 17, 2004
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Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from the hit anime series, Cowboy Bebop, currently shown in the USA on Adult Swim. Scientists illegally did tests and experiments on Ein, making him incredibly intelligent. He debuted in episode two: "Stray Dog Strut."
Ein is an incredibly kawaii data dog! ^_^
by Shacow Blaziken March 1, 2005
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1. The coolest damn dog ever!!!
2. Ed/Spike's Dog from Cowboy Bebop
Ein is damned awesome!!
by BebopEnthusiast May 27, 2003
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The portugese word for 'Gay'
EinzigeArcus é tão Ein
by RE3E3E3E3E3E April 18, 2019
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a small penis under the size of one inch - invented by the genious of tom agg
by sam 'eins' lonsdale March 28, 2003
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so wtf... he is the best damn dog in the world also look up other cool stuff like sars
by Jipper January 14, 2004
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Suave, with a cool demeanor. A loyal and amazing friend who is always there when you need him. Intelligent and highly skill in many areas, he brings true meaning to the phrase "Get You Someone Who Can Do Both."With a charming personality and devishly good looks, having an Ein on your team is definitely a win.
He is such a joy to be around, must be an Ein
by Ahmad Persad December 21, 2016
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