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Eggplanting is a sexual ritual. Eggplanting involves 3 partners which 1 partner has to sacrifice himself to fullfill the circle of life throughout this ritual. The ritual consists of 1 female, 1 male and the sacrificial partner must be removed of all genatalia so that the gender can no longer be distinguished. You must acquire AIDS from a small African child then using chop sticks cut open the sacrificed partner's stomach and collect the blood mainly from around the bladder. Mix it in a Magic Bullet with Hellmans mayonaise, take that sticky mixture from hell and combine it with the African child AIDS. That is to be the lubricant for the disgusting action im about to describe. You use a woodworking jig to pry open the sacrificed persons ass cavern and in the process that may take years you slowly stretch the ass cavern so as to not rip the walls of the ass until it is large enough to fit u and ur partner into the cavern(remember that hell lube?) ya. once inside build a replica of Fort Sumter where u will role play as 2 army privates discovering rim jobs for the first time. now break through the ass walls like 1999. fuck you it was a good year.
A: Hey man, haven't seen you in 3 years, what's up?
B: I was eggplanting with Jerome.
A: Sick.
B: Yea.
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by Illios1 November 06, 2016
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BDS&M term regarding the insertion of a finger or other object up a man's pee hole and jerks him off until he orgasms "internally."
Thank you for eggplanting me with such amazing precision and skill, Mistress Jenna!
by Buck Dagby August 04, 2008
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When a guy is planting his sperm into a girl either willingly or unwillingly.
Guy: Im 'bout to start Eggplanting all inside of you!
Girl: Go ahead i want you to!
by KaliVali June 10, 2009
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Friend one: "Damn, look at all this fine booty, dude I'm totally eggplanting"
Friend two: "Same, dude, same"
by Jill_Bree16 March 05, 2015
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A teenage slang term, as it is a modern evolution of “Netflix and chill”.
Lenny and missy said they were gonna go eggplanting tonight in order to confuse their stupid-ass parents.
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by El ritardo December 05, 2017
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