14 definitions by (◉ᴥ◉)

The best avatars. Used in many games, the most common are Wii Sports and Tomodachi Life.
Why must the Mii Maker have only seven hair colors?!
by (◉ᴥ◉) September 18, 2018
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A state of consciousness in which the nervous system is inactive, usually deprived or overused.
Will you shut up so I can get some sleep?
by (◉ᴥ◉) June 9, 2018
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Congratulations, you're perverted enough to look this word up. *Slowly claps*
No, I'm not telling you what "boobs" means.
by (◉ᴥ◉) July 2, 2018
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Person on server: LOL OMG you ded noob lololol eat lead bitch
Me: What idiot would find that crap funny?
by (◉ᴥ◉) July 30, 2018
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To make phsyical contact.
If I had to touch that tarantula I would've gone nuts.
by (◉ᴥ◉) July 24, 2018
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