69 definitions by El ritardo

The act of rubbing chili on your dick, and then receiving a blowjob.
Ricardo hit that bitch in Barcelona with that Cincinnati chili, now that bitch can’t get off him.
by El ritardo July 2, 2018
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One hot and incredibly nice Korean dude who unfortunately has less meat than lil dicky himself.
Jungkook is great to hang with, but not in a sexual way.
by El ritardo July 2, 2018
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Fondling your balls instead of actually fapping, to make it look like your just adjusting yourself.
If you whack your sack, you won’t get shit back.
by El ritardo June 25, 2018
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*insert description, something along the lines of “god among men put on this planet to pleasure women” or “annoying gamer kid with a tiny dick”*
*insert girl name*- “Wow, that guy is such a/n *insert name here*, he must be packing 23 centimeters.”

*insert girl name*- “Jesus, that guy is such a fucking *insert name here*, all he does is talk about his stock portfolio and how great he is at Fortnite.
by El ritardo June 2, 2019
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NOT an actual physical fitness gym. It is a place where men go to naturally increase their penis size via male Kegel Exercises.
*Kegel Gym instructor*- Release ...And clench!
by El ritardo June 2, 2019
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Gay-ass nigga who whacks his gack to Korean pop shit.
“Wanna invite Tyson to the J. Cole concert?”
“Nah nigga that Krip he goin to that bts shit later tonight.”
by El ritardo June 8, 2018
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