An annoying or idiotic person. Usually does not understand simple things and has a large forehead.
Ellie is such an Egger. When I said my house was on a hill, she thought I meant IN the hill!
by MassivePeen5 June 23, 2020
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A very smelly fart that resembles the smell of rotten eggs
What is that smell!? (gag) Ryan! Did you just let out an egger??
by The Sheriff in Charge June 23, 2015
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A fart so disgusting, intoxicating, vile, and repulsive, that it resembles a rotten egg. Due to this, it is referred to as an egger.
Fam it smells vile in here, did you drop an egger?
by Scheck123 October 14, 2021
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A stinky ass fart that smells like rotten eggs that causes most in a close radial proximity to feel the need to vacate the premise.
Damnit... Bill just laid one of those stinky ass eggers and now my eyes are watering.
by HotPocket June 5, 2007
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1) An antagonist. One whom often steals golf carts, golf clubs, and random cans of soda.

2) A member of the suck-pod POD-6.

3) A firm beliver that there is no pro-shop in Sealab. Even though there is a shop named "Tee-lab" which has recently moved locations to POD-6.

4) A man named Evans, who is curently on report.

5) A scapegoat.
1) Damn you Eggers!

2) POD-6 is one big party eh? What's your name...

3) Ha! No pro-shop eh! Who knew EGGERS... Murphy knew! HA! POD-6. Total suck POD

4) ..."Evans sir."
"EGGERS! Do you wana be on report. Cause I swear i'll put you on report. Just say another word. Do you wana be on report!?"
"No sir"
"THAT'S IT YOUR ON REPORT! Now what's you name again!?"
"Uhhhhhh Eggers."

5) "Sir I'm going to report you to the telephone comisinor what's your name?"
"Uhhhh... EGGERS!" (Slams phone) "How do you like dem apples ho-bag! And how do you like dem very same apples EGGERS!"
by Psycho March 29, 2005
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A woman that chooses to not have children, She is neither a Thot or a Karen, She is angry because her past choices of a childfree childless life style. It is now too late for her to have Biological Children as all her eggs are dead. Has hatred for Thots and Karens in the world because a Thot can still have children and a Karen already has a family; but for a Dead Egger she is all alone as a Dead Egg
Carmen sure does love to treat her dogs as if they were her children with the stroller and all. Yah sadly she chose to be childfree for years saying she posted on reddit childfree that she was happy. But lately now at age 30 she seems to be a lot angrier since she can no longer have biological children. Such a Dead Egger
by LukAGoy December 20, 2019
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A derogatory phrase used to describe a mediocre person of little, if any, academic, professional and/or life accomplishments (typically a male of low socio-economic status and often times used to describe an average or underperforming athlete). Ostensibly, a loser who might be expected to eat ham and eggs as a means of subsistence because of the simplicity of the meal.
While I was vacationing on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, that Ham & Egger was at the Jersey Shore.

That Ham & Egger shouldn't be in the NBA; he's only averaging 2 points a game.
by RexRacer July 11, 2008
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