a huge BASS booming fart that's shockwave alerts other people sitting on the couch, bench, floor or bed.
that ASS FART knocked over my drink, and it was 4 feet away!
by brodizzle January 7, 2004
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a shocking eatherquake feeling that comes from your ass
omg your ass fart made me fly away it was sooo biggggggg
by ppsdhjdshjfehjkkhusgtrj January 28, 2021
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A bum who won’t get out of bed.
Yo get up!

Leave him alone he’s being a ass fart
by Wheybolic July 1, 2019
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The gamertag of a borderline mentally retarded person who loves the streamer veritas and men who dress as women (traps).
Ass Fart parties with better players so he can use them as bait and still dies 99% of the time to Noobs.
by OG_Nuglet420 November 8, 2019
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Farts of a pungent and tangy aroma, usally can be smelt after consumption of various meats, cakes, savouries, carbs and sweets.
Dubliss: *sniff*

Mon: hmmm take it in boy, i got me some rancid ass farts !
Rallis: woooooweee thats some rooti tootin rancid ass farts !
by Rallisman November 22, 2016
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The farts of an obese person are very distinct. They have a hallmark "Plop" sound.Like an air bubble in wet concrete,the fart gas slowly eases its way to freedom between the jelly-like,fat butt cheeks causing the pizza dough buttocks to jiggle slightly.
Gas bubbles in hot lava have a fat ass fart sound
by wolfbait51 June 2, 2011
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