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Edyn is a beautiful person who is loved by everyone who knows her. Edyn is charming and people fall for her left and right. She is unique and kind, as well as athletic and funny. Edyn is a special person in the lives of so many people. She is an amazing person all around. She can be argumentative and stubborn sometimes, but she always comes around. Edyn sometimes misunderstands what people mean or takes things the wrong way. Edyn is very smart and does well in school. Edyn is popular and is loved by all of the people who have the luck to know her.
Edyn is such an amazing person, I wish I was her friend too!
by random515 June 06, 2018
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Edyn is an amazing girl who just wants to live her life to the fullest. Boys fall for her at all times. Edyn’s usually have long brown hair and blue eyes, and super long eyelashes. She’s usually very sweet but do not get on her dark side. She will become very stubborn and agressive with you leaving you to wonder why you even thought to be rude to her in the first place. she can misunderstand people at times but she’s very forgiving and with the right explaining you can win her back. She is also very popular and everyone loves her. she’s a very funny person and she will crack jokes even when you are in serious situations and this is why everyone loves her. Edyn also has the best laugh. Edyn doesn’t just open up to anyone so if she opens up to you and let’s you in on her secrets and her past, just know that you are a very trusted person and you are extremely lucky.
Man, i wish i was friends with Edyn.
by absolutelynot June 16, 2018
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the most bullshit person you could ever meet in your life, but they're a good friend to make you laugh although they can get annoying (cancerous).
me: edyn is such a dick

edyn: fuck you

me: but you cant
edyn 😑 ok


by mei is bea March 09, 2017
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