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One of the most bad ass mother fuckers out there. Typically tall, strong, and handsome. Is always looking fresh.
That guy is dangerous, that's an Edvin.
by Mater699 August 11, 2010
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One of the most loyal, but most dangerous individuals at the same time. Is always looking fresh that melts female hearts.
Edvin usually comes from the country of Croatia or Bosnia.
Person: That store was robbed just a couple of days ago!

An Edvin: Ya it was me and my crew.
by edodamang1 August 11, 2010
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An epic awesome Guamanian, although he's fairly short, he has the characteristics of a stereotypical tall person, buff, shy, and really sweet and nice. Very all around in sports, especially ones that consist of running really fast. Can get very hyper and become a complete spazz. He cracks out very funny jokes about your mom, and he's a definite beast, so you don't mess with him. Makes to be a good friend though, although who knows how he handles his ladies...

If you ask him about his looks, he'll just say he's sexy and he knows it.
Look at Edvin go!!! dang Edvin's a crazy guy...oh crap, Edvin just kicked another guys butt!!! that's the second time today!
by YourTypicalAwesomeness March 25, 2012
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One who is boring at times but is only being sensible. Is also very helpful and will often get very attached to the people he has helped. Is known for loyalty and the ability to make self sacrifices to please others.
person: can you help me?

An Edvin: yeah sure anything.
by liontamer586 February 06, 2010
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Edvin is the most loyal friend you will ever have. Edvinโ€™s have a big heart and is are a sexy beast. Edvinโ€™s are also penguins. They are known for stealing kills in video games like Fortnite.
Haik: Man, I wish I had a loyal and good friend in my life.
Robert: Hey man, you need an Edvin.

Squad mate Raffi: Bro Edvin just stole all my kills!!
Edvin: I didnโ€™t steal them, I assisted you!
by rari rararara June 11, 2018
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An insult, usually used when calling someone a big fag, a pussy, a wigger or anything that's associated with just being a plain pussy faggot wigger.
An edvin: hey guys I blaze everyday yo yo yo
Man: wanna smoke a joint?
An edvin: naw man i just had an ice tea

Big black man: aiight lets go
An edvin: NEDIM 187 187!!111 one one
by one giant edvin September 18, 2008
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