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The best person you'll meet in your entire life. He's a sweetheart, and hilarious. He's Tall and althletic, He's Charming and romantic. He's the only person a girl would need. His smile will blow you away and his voice will give you butterflies like you've never had in your entire life. He'll treat you like the princess that you are. He's So sweet your life without him after you've had him will make you want to kill yourself because he's the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Aldo made his girlfriend the happiest girl in the world.
by Whos heart he stole August 13, 2011
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A great friend and really loyal.And if lucky enough he would be the best boyfriend a girl would ever ask for treating then as a princess and being a sweet heart and is very kind always buying stuff for his girl and taking her place and not cheap, and even giving every other girl a treatingling feeling with his smiled and knows the limit of there confterness to make them feel weird but above it all he actually cares about his friends unlike other people but sometimes every hard to understand him with the stuff he has been through but worth it to get to know him
Aldo is the best person I have meet and always make his girl the happy she will ever be
by $_$boy November 14, 2016
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Aldo: Absolutely nicest guy on earth. Has dirty blonde hair, big brown eyes, rly cute freckles. Funniest guy evr. Loves dinosaurs. Will always be there for you and easy to fall in love with. If youre gunna love someone, love an Aldo.
Aldo duhhh
by 26452325462 March 28, 2010
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Aldo, is shoe store in Canada, it is a high-quality shoe store company found only exclusively in Canada. Aldo was started up in Le Chateau in the 1900's, then after became successful and bought the chain stores Spring, Transit, Feet First, and Hush Puppies.
Let's goto Aldo and get those hot leather heels!
by Dreamy Ang3l May 20, 2006
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Aldo or, "Aldo the Apache", is the character off Inglorious Basterds and is played by Brad Pitt. This is one of the best characters ever and is played very well.
Person 1: "Did you see Aldo cut into the Nazi's head?"
Person 2: "Yea dude it was totally sick!"
by Beasknees November 24, 2010
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