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Someone who fuels me to become better and stronger everyday. A friend who accompanies me when I break down and lose composure. A gorgeous girl who has one of the cutest smiles and gives some of the best hugs I’ve ever gotten from anyone. She’s kind and cares a lot about her friends and family. She doesn’t always have the best opinion about herself and I recognize that and I give it my all to make her feel happier about herself. I want to be there for her the same way she’s there for me. She’s someone I will never forget for she has had a long lasting impact in my life. I love her and I hope I always will.
Homie #1: So what do you think about Jasmine?
Homie #2: tbh she's everything listed above.
by Migu3lele October 29, 2018
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A girl who has one of the biggest hearts and kindest soul. Meeting her is something you'll never regret for she'll change your life completely, whether it be by changing some of your views, making you feel wholesome, or reminding you of the best version of yourself, this girl will do extraordinary things in your life. She's also really beautiful and has a cute ass laugh. She's someone you can count on to be there for you through the roughest of times and the best of times. She's really supportive of your motivations and dreams and will correct you when you are wrong. She doesn't want to anyone close to her hurt and will do her all to make you smile again. One of my best friends and I love her from the bottom of my heart.
"Bro, Paulina just smiled at me, what do I do???"
"You should like screw off because she's mine>:("
"Fuck you"
"Thank you"
by Migu3lele November 20, 2018
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A big boy who fights for what he believes in. He's got heart and soul which makes him a very determined person. He's got high resilience and doesn't give an F about about people out there think about him. In the outside, he looks like a tough guy who may have been through some shit before or recently. However, in the inside, he's a dude who really cares for you and will go the extra mile for you no matter the situation. He will put up a good fight when it comes down to it and won't back down until he wins or excels in whatever goal he is aiming for. He can also pick up a girl or two with ease and makes every one of his friends jealous because of it. Truly an inspiration to many, including myself. I love you bro.
"Yo Eddie beat the crap out of my high school bully yesterday"
"But why tho?"
"Cuz he's the shit you Nigerian baby"
by Migu3lele November 20, 2018
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If you ever need someone to save you from the current stress or depression you're going through at anytime, you can count on Trinity to be there for you. She will cry, laugh, smile, and celebrate with you at anytime. She can be really playful at times, but can turn serious in a snap. She's hella strong despite her weak looking arms (trust me, her punches fucking hurt). When she wants something in her life, she won't give up and keeps her head up. She is an amazing inspiration to those around her. She's also one of the first few people you know to notice that something's up with you when you're sad or mad and will persistently try to make you feel better until you do feel a lot better. Truly one of the best people to have in your life. Don't lose her, not a lot people compare to her in terms of caring, hard-working, and cooperation.
I love you Trinity.
by Migu3lele November 21, 2018
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