A plural noun used in a video gameCyberpunk 2077” which refers to money.
I’m gonna go make some eddies.
by Us Cracks January 3, 2021
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I took 30mg’s of eddies at Disneyland and tripped the fuck out.
by Atomic_aids January 19, 2019
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Verb: Bending/Crashing/Destroying a motor car by attempting a basic manouver such as going round a corner on a country lane
I did an Eddy on the Road from Aberdeen to St Andrews
by rob_himself February 3, 2011
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Bro 1: Bro I just got some watermelon eddies at the dispensary!
Bro 2: Bro!
by Cafe Rio December 31, 2020
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Less embassing way to describe tampons used for female menstrual cycles when talking to your teenager.
I forgot to pick up a box of eddys for my daughter when I was at the store.
by Corndogg76 April 21, 2016
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-A current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, especially in a circular motion.-
~A drift or tendency that is counter to or separate from a main current, as of opinion, tradition, or history.~
by John Hommie November 21, 2003
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An underground street term for energy drinks.

ORIGIN: Energy Drinks = EDs = Eddies
"Hey, we need to go to the store and pickup some Eddies for later tonight."
by Tizz Mizzle April 21, 2007
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