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Edwardo is a perfect guy. He's the sweetheart of guys and he knows how to treat a girl right. He can be a dick at times because he doesn't know what he's doing wrong, but he often redeems his actions by making the girl of his dreams happy again. Any girl would love to be with an Edwardo. He's got a great body and loves to be loved. He also is caring and lovable. He's faithful and trustworthy. He has good looks and can really make a girl happy!
Girl 1: did you see Edwardo today?
Girl 2: yeah I almost kissed him, but he rejected me

Girl 1: why?!
Girl 2: he told me he's faithful and loves his girlfriend and that he would never cheat on her
Girl 1: aww I wish I had an Edwardo for a boyfriend!
by Babexo November 13, 2013
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A man who owns a white van and kidnaps children but lives in Tijuana.
Kids don't go near that man selling candy he's an Edwardo
by Staciye Millerere May 22, 2016
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Super hot guy, great personality, really smart, sexy beyond belief...great body, very loving and caring..the best lover a girl could ask for and a great friend to have.
Girl 1: "Whos that handsom guy?"
Girl 2: "His names Edwardo, he's awsome."
by jhwgefkwgfkl July 07, 2011
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