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A very sexy, calm and collective type of guy. An Edan knows what real love is. He doesn't want to play games. He's sensitive and often mistaken as weak. He is not what he appears on the outside. A very sweet, attractive guy.
Girl 1: He's a really nice guy
Girl 2: He must be an Edan.
by heycutiehey February 10, 2011
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Referring to a royal style using rounded olive branches, crowns, etc.
Example in image:

Refers to design more than people
Dude that poster is so edan. Look that badass crown.
by TPaiger September 22, 2006
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Edan is a sweet, funny, loyal guy but many people don't notice that at first. He is tall dark and very handsome. He has anger management issues but once you get past that you find out he is the best guy you will ever meet.
I want to Mary Edan
by Key and quilt August 19, 2017
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A weird girl who hiccups, but can woo any guy with her dance moves.
Guy 1: Duuude, is that Beyonce on the dance floor?
Guy 2: Nah bro, that's totally an Edan.
by leapyeargalxo May 23, 2016
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