Erroneous Diarrhea- When you get diarrhea and you have no idea where it came from.
-Dude, I just had some serious Diarrhea
-What was it from?
- No clue, just some ED
by jgreenerhickey March 07, 2010
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The name Ed, meaning 'Entertainment Director'. When a group of people are together and do not know what to do and no-one can come up with something... Someone quickly names another person as 'Ed' and that person has to come up with something to do. And, if it's legal, not dangerous and not too expensive, everyone pretty much should go along with it and not argue - because if it gets to a point of naming Ed, you're desperately bored anyhow.
George: I'm bored.
Laura: So am I.
Fred: What should we do?
George: I don't know. Laura, you're Ed.
Ed (aka: Laura): OK. Ummm, let's go bowling.
George: Lame! Ok. Let's go.
by GwenIsWise March 14, 2007
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Used as slang for calling someone who acts like a cumstain or someone who acts autistic when they are not
Kid: *cuts his restraints and dashes towards the scissors door in the special ed room*
Everyone else in school: "Ed's escaped!"
by GlazedLongJohn April 01, 2019
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trying to act like someone your not and doing what they're doing at an EXTREME rate
Leejay: Bro what are you trying to do fam

Marcus: I'm doing wheelies with you bro

Leejay: your not even doing what I'm doing like your so ED
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Acronym for "Eurasian Dynasty", one of the three playable factions in "Earth 2140" and "Earth 2150". Consisting of Europe and most of Aisa, the ED is the lowest tech faction in the game. Using old technologies of standard cannons, nukes, and lasers, they posses little else comparable to the UCS and LC technologies.
The Eurasian Dynasty lost the war of 2140 and as a result, used several nukes on the UCS arctic base, causing the Earth's orbit to fail and begin moving towards the sun.
by Someone you think you know August 08, 2005
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Ed is considered the kulest kid in skul!
"Hey ed" "come talk to me when your kul ๐Ÿ˜Ž"
by Nsgkahsd November 25, 2016
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A douche bag who poses as the "outdoorsy" type.
Ed said that his typical day consists of eating granola, putting on sunscreen and a hat, going on a bike ride, and taking pictures of nature. What a poser.
by activialight27 May 23, 2011
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