keenan- you know crystal? mad light skinned, long hair.. im not sure if it's hers or just weave.
dwayne- naw man
keenan- aight well that's mine! that's my lady!

crystal- why you drinking my orange juice?!
keenan- whaaat?
crystal- thats mine dumbass! fuck you!
by The bitch is back September 27, 2009
1) Mines mine- (possessive noun)
Something or someone that is COMPLETELY YOURS.

by Hisbitch25 October 3, 2019
Ur choice.

1. Date Me
2. Keep This
3. Ur Free Pass to Run
lmao im dead for doin this: be mine julia
by runnerguy39 May 31, 2019
A wonder full girl who will beat your ass if you mess with her. People talk shit about her and she just brushes it off. Because the people are to pussy to speak to her face because they know she will get decked. Been through people backstabbing her but she knows fakes from true friends so watch your mouth before she fucks up your face

She is also kind caring and smart if you are on her good side. She can be one of the best people you ever meet
Is that Minely

Yeah shes super sweet
by No_fake_facts May 8, 2019