keenan- you know crystal? mad light skinned, long hair.. im not sure if it's hers or just weave.
dwayne- naw man
keenan- aight well that's mine! that's my lady!

crystal- why you drinking my orange juice?!
keenan- whaaat?
crystal- thats mine dumbass! fuck you!
by The bitch is back September 27, 2009
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1) Mines mine- (possessive noun)
Something or someone that is COMPLETELY YOURS.

by Hisbitch25 October 02, 2019
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Ur choice.

1. Date Me
2. Keep This
3. Ur Free Pass to Run
lmao im dead for doin this: be mine julia
by runnerguy39 May 30, 2019
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the act of grabbing your diamond pickaxe and mining the diamonds, like a yeast
mining away, I don't know what to mine I'll mine this anyway
by shrek is our lord and saviour October 01, 2018
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a word that dumbasses use to mean possession.
Those books are mines.
That's mines.
You got mines?
by CJ January 07, 2004
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