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A pointless program made to run movies. Annoys the fucking hell out of you when you accidentally click on it.
Oh shit, this video needs quicktime. Fuck that
by z3ekeezzz July 24, 2008
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A group of people who only focus on stupid shit relating to 2012, world ending, etc.

Don't forget that all of their programs longer than an hour just constantly repeat themselves
History Channel.
by z3ekeezzz August 23, 2008
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Apparently, she says her music is rock. (probably because it has a guitar in it, I wouldn't know cus I don't like sluts), but really just makes stupid pop shit. Maybe you could call it pop rock (the very center of the anus in the music world imo), but really it's just stupid shit.

She also has a bunch of fanhermaphrodites that like to refresh her horrid song "Girlfriend" on YouTube for 25 hours a day, and making it the most viewed video.

I'd hack RCARecords just to remove that fucking thing... -.-
"Hay you i think your girlfriend sucks, date me instead."

-(not an exact) quote from Avril Lavigne

by z3ekeezzz July 24, 2008
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People for the ethical treatment of andimals
"Pussies eating tofu assholes"

Peta is an evil group that hates you. They lie to kids, kill animals, ruin lives, just to start a list.

"Did you know that each vegetarian saves 100 lives a year? Well … 101 when you count yourself. Eating animals and animal products contributes to health problems, including cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and obesity—just to name a few..."

Out of the 20,899 animals peta has received from 1998-2006 (only counting the 2nd half of 1998, 3,059 animals total adopted) 17,400 of them were killed.

Oh yea, don't forget about "Super Chick Sisters" (look it up on youtube, BigAl2k6 has a good video of it). It makes fun of the Mario Games, Wii, uses them without permission, and doesn't even have any credits.

Seriously, just stay away from peta.
by z3ekeezzz April 12, 2008
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Command in batch to print text.
Basic batch file-

@echo off
echo Hello
by z3ekeezzz July 30, 2008
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