Catalina. A girl with a heart too big for measurement. You’ll find yourself realizing how fortunate you are to have them in your life. They go out of their way and do anything to make sure you’re happy. They will share with you anything that makes them laugh for the chance to make you laugh as-well. They’re super smart and usually have plenty of talents to show, whether it’s a sport, or an instrument, etc. They’re amazing friends. They stay true to you and will defend you at any cost. They will notice instantly if you’re upset and put your happiness before theirs. Her smile is heart-melting and her laugh is super contagious. Whenever you leave their presence, you can really feel the amount of life leave with them and you’ll instantly try to make up for the lost presence by trying to call or message her. Catalina is a girl that makes you realize how amazing life is, and how every day prior to meeting her, seemed like a day wasted. Catalina is someone who makes the world a better place just by being herself, and she doesn’t even realize how lucky we are to have her.
"Why do you seem so happy and full of life all of the sudden?" A Catalina must have entered their life.
by EliteWhopper November 28, 2015
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Really sweet girl. She has a big heart and loves everything and everyone, she always sees the best in people. She’s good at following other people’s pace and for her the most important thing is to see people happy and she’ll even embarrass herself just to make you laugh. She has a blinding smile and she has multiple laughs, whenever she smiles she can’t see because she’s smiling so hard that her cheeks are covering her eyes. You’ll see her with a different group of people everyday because she likes to be friends with everyone and including others who feel left out all the time. She’s also a little hyper and has a lot of jokes she doesn’t like using offensive humor but she doesn’t mind hearing it just as long as she doesn’t have to go along with it. Everyone loves Catalina and she loves everyone back. she’ll think about all her friends everyday and try to brainstorm jokes to say to her friends whenever they meet up again. She’s very committed and she knows when to be serious, in a relationship she will love you unconditionally and make sure you’re always happy and help you when you begin to have problems. She’s very accepting and forgiving she can never get mad at people because anger is foreign to her. She’s very straightforward if she is upset with something. Overall She’s the most perfect girl and she will never stop showing you the many sides of her she has to offer while she won’t stop uncovering sides of you that you never knew you had.
“Hey do you know Catalina!”
“Of course I do she talked to me earlier and helped me get closer with my other classmates
by 7117 February 19, 2019
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Catalina is a loud girl with a big heart. She is sweet and kind and loving. There is never a dull moment with her. Bring Catalina wherever you go to ensure an unforgettable adventure!
Catalina, it’s midnight, quiet down.

by stealyaboi May 26, 2019
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Catalina is a pretty ass Colombian with a big heart she takes a little time to open up because she's shy she goes through a lot of tough times and is depressed but she always has a shiny smile because she just can't help but smile when she sees her friends. Guys always want to date her but she has the best man in the world. If you become best friends with a Catalina you will truly have a friend who always has you back no matter what.
Damn did you see that latina? Oh you mean Catalina yeah she is pretty hot and i heard she's really nice. I'm gonna ask her out. No way dude she has a really good boyfriend oh and don't say anything mean about her friends in front of her because she'll beat you up.
by anonymous 262006 October 2, 2018
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Spanish variant of the English name Katherine, meaning pure.
"Hi! I'm Catalina!"
by KittyOfDeadlyPoking April 11, 2010
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A Catalina is fun and loving. She will easily have her heart broken in many ways, so be careful.She will make a wonderful girlfriend. Catalinas are very pure and she helps out her friends when they need her . She loves her family dearly and everyone around her. she thinks that she is not a good person.She will warm your heart.
My best friend is a Catalina and she is very supportive.
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She smiles and the world lightens to happiness
You can never see her dark eyes enough, and her eyes sparkle in the sunlight like a billion stars in the sky when you are out in the middle of nowhere
She cares about you until you cannot even tell if she still likes you as a person
Her jokes are the funniest because they are the worst jokes you'll ever hear
Her mind is intelligent and she never stops learning
Her wisdom never ends
You will always want to be around her and when you aren't around her your heart physically aches
You could stare at her forever if staring wasn't awkward
Everyone loves her
Everyone. loves. her.
Everyone wishes they could just be around her
She is beautiful and she doesn't see it.
Never let the light in her eyes and heart go out.
What a breath taking, beautiful, intelligent, graceful, kind, caring, hopeful, joyful, mindful, wise, creative, holy person.
I wish she was mine
Have you ever noticed how Catalina laughs like the world isn't watching and smiles with the grace and beauty of a hundred angels?
by July 29, 2019
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